You don’t know me. Or you do… 
But let me introduce myself in a different way. Here are some thoughts out of my brain, or mind… anyway, who knows where this stuff comes from. It is like looking throw a coin binocular inside my monkey mind. Don’t worry, no coins needed. Everything is for free.

12+4 random things

  1. My favourite song is my heart will go on from Celine Dion, followed by “don’t stop believing” from journey
  2. Authors who blow my mind are David foster Wallace and Alan watts
  3. Fuck, I do swear a lot
  4. Absurd is probably my favourite word… Just until I say indeed with a posh accent.
  5. Totally into US sports. Supporting boston.
    go GREEN! Celtics, Pats and Soxx. okay.. I don’t give a damn about baseball.
  6. My favourite animal is the Kodiak bear. And penguins… don’t forget penguins
  7. I still can’t believe somebody wanted a faster horse instead of a car
  8. The more I learn about psychology, the more I laugh about myself. What a freak show
  9. My friends are saying I have the biggest heart. Still single btw.
  10. I want to run an iron man.
  11. My exit plan is a yacht close to Croatia, or plan B – a wooden house in Alaska, riding on top of my bear, which i rescued from a pack of wolves. A real life 4m tamagotchi. Basically living like Heman an Cringer.
  12. 12min.me is part of my identity
  13. I wonder how often Steve jobs tripped on LSD until he came up with the iPhone
  14. Humans over technology. Totally thinking about evolving in behaviour instead of evolving our tools.
  15. I have a fable for headbands. That’s why people call me Björn Borg
  16. Reading Charles Bukowski drunk in my favourite bar is a real experience.

… I have to stop now. The goal was 12! #12min.meYoulike

about me

Markus is a writer, poet, yogi,  and business hippie.

From 9 to 9, he does things nobody understands. 

He has never been on a 30 under 30 list. With 31 he is now heading for the 40 under 40 list. Never give up, never surrender.

From 9 to 5, she writes copy at AKQA Portland. Off the clock, she mentally rehashes the Dodgers’ 2017 postseason and subtweets her dog. She has never been on a 30 Under 30 list. She’s 33 and not giving up.

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